Restoring king henry’s towers

Hey guys!

I’ve completed all the quests excep for restoring the towers. I seen to have wondered all over trying to find the square to stand on. Does anyone have any tips? Thank you!


  • Did you speak to Silvergirl in Meadow of the Sun? She says "Well, come closer and I'll tell you a charm to murmur - if you stand on the grass in front of where the Towers used to be and murmur these words, 'erotser eht srewot', you will restore the King's Prize Towers now that Grey Hood is dead."

  • The grass marks the spot.

  • Thanks Cat, for some reason I was searching in the wrong area entirely! Glad that’s settled. Going to give Attack from Asteroids a spin next.

  • Every time I see this thread I think it says restoring King Henry’s trousers and I do a double take.
  • Well, he is in the hot baths :D

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