What game do I play after completing HOL ii on my iPad ?

Hello I have completed the quest, fire and ice, HOL i and HOL ii on my iPad HOL classic is listed but not The version I have been playing. What game do I go to now I would like to get started this weekend .
Thank you in advance .


  • If you're at least level 35, you can play Celtic Rift. If you're at least level 40, you can play Macha's Curse. HOLIII isn't done yet and will take some work. : ) You can't play the Classic games on the Quest HD. Eventually, we're porting them one by one.

  • Thank you for the information I am level 43 and love my character but I could also start over with a new character I really enjoy your games thank you all for the work you have put into these games

  • Petite, I think it’s best to start with a new character. You will be given enough points to get your main attributes up high plus some decent weapons, but certainly not what you probably have from your old game. This makes the game much more fun, for me anyway, because I have to go out in search of the powerful weapons together. This game , Machas Curde, I didn’t find a decent weapon until about 15 hours in. It made the fights before hand pretty difficult, and I loved it. When I found the great weapon, it was such a relief and such a good feeling, and now it’s fun going out in kicking butt again, knowing I owned it. Either way you’re going fun.

  • What level do you think you'd like Caerworn Castle to be---new expansion after Hero of Lukomorye III? Low level or high?

  • Somewhere in the middle.

  • Hmmm. Like 23?

  • Around 30 would be fair in my opinion. Majority of players will already have some experiences from base game at least + 2 expansions maybe. That's what I think unless you do not have to prepare it as for new role character.

  • Maybe level 50 would be better?

  • Ok, let's have it challenging..:-)

  • If I was going to continue with my same character it would need be level 55 or so but that is getting to high better for a new player new character

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    The player levels can go quite high so 55 is only about medium level. Caerworn could be lower level but it seems most people want to continue with their high level character. I think the Asteroids series could start out at low level.

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