2 quests I need to finish in Ragnars Revenge

First is the 6 switches in secrets I have tried many combos of odds and evens with no joy. Second I have not found the eyes and witch for the two trolls Helheims mist. Help please thanks in advance.


  • The pergamon says, "Odds first then evens. Switch it each time.".

    So flip all the levers up since you started to use them. Then, flip all the odd numbered switches down, then hit the secret switch there once.

    Then turn all the even numbered switches down and then hit the secret switch again. You will remove a wall that leads to something.

    The eyes are in a pile of skulls in the far mid south.

    Do you mean you can't find the Glacial Witch> She's in her Crystal Tree in Trolls' Drift in the northeast of the surface map.

  • Thank you.

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