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Should be in app stores. I just made it available on Steam.


  • Yay! My favorite expansion

  • It's now available on Steam. Should be in app stores soon.

  • Yup :) Just got it on playstore an hour or so ago.

  • Yay! Of course, it's so long since we tested it, I've forgotten everything not written down!

  • Great, we wait so long since you send it for release ! Can we have some news about the one you're working on ?
  • It's a sequel to Thor's Hammer that someone had asked for. Ragnar the Revengeful has stolen Thor's great Lightning Rod. Your main mission is to travel to the Otherworkd of Helheim to retrieve it. Meanwhile, that meshes with Lady Stonely's mission to rid Humbria of Ragnar's six Berserker followers who are causing trouble.

    Level 23. New areas to explore and old. Helheim has nine levels all of it's own.

    Testing hasn't started yet because it's a big world and I'm still putting it in.

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    Hi Cat. What level character do you recommend for Cursed Chess Set?

  • I recommend level 5 to 7. It was meant for low level characters.

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