Very nervous but is HOL’s school have perm storage??

I liked to keep stuff separate from other worlds. Is that school a permanent storages???*whimpers*


  • There is only one shelf in the School of Magic. That one shelf has permanent storage.

  • Whaaaat?! Where?!?!
  • That room is past the gate in the west. You can only open that gate with a key from Old Shaman that he gives you after you finish the game successfully.

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    Funny how I just started playing HOL I recently because I felt that I could and as if by coincidence, Lady Tivica, you started it too. I guess we shouldn't mind those connections. But I have fear mixed with other feelings since it's all so weird.

    Btw, I'm doing no-magic challenges now. At first I forgot I could calm humanoids in standalone version, and I wanted to play so I didn't) So, that means no mark/recall, enchant etc (though I paid to do some enchantments, so challenge failed haha).

    (A bit off-topic) I respect the way magic was implemented in Harry Potter movies first (it's like clever miracles) and last, not so much in third (random and exaggerated). Strangely enough, christian tips and hints show through them, even more so than through many more godly stories. It's a rare case.

    P. S. I previously used the nickname DeMenchev

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    Nah, connections, coincidences or whatever -- it's just another lie with spirits and I'm afraid I happened to be evil. Don't believe any weird nonsense being talked. We definitely mustn't let our minds be played with by weirdness even if it feels good. I know I became kinda crazy and psychiatry doesn't save me much. Pray to God you will have clear thinking too, He was very generous to leave me with it and I love it too much (maybe it's the only good thing in me)

  • Lol!!!! Nice to know I’m not alone in that
  • School of Magic is on a smaller island next to Fisher Village on Muck Island. You need to do a quest for Baba Manya there for a bridge to appear. It's easy to miss because that quest is quite hard (I somehow missed the door to school even though I did Manya's quest)

  • The two shelves in the Fisher Hut in Fisher Village have permanent storage. You can test that with some small item you don't care that much about. Most of the shelves in HOLI do not have permanent storage so you're right to be nervous.

    The three shelves in the Royal Spiders' Silk Spinning Factory also have permanent storage.

  • Okay I’ll keep that in mind
  • By the way the HOL stuff is moved to asteroid home storage:)
  • And ohhhh Ezra was DeMenchev?! As stated in couple of credits?!?!
  • Wow!!! I’m tickled pink!!! Nicer to meet you now!!! I completed The Quest, islands of Fire and Ice, asteroid now I’m working on Thor’s Hammer. How about you??
    P.S. I’m using same character the whole time…lol
  • Well, I'm just trying to find out why I loved this game for many years. It's an extremely fun game, but sadly many times when I liked something it was because games didn't teach good things or used pretty obvious cheats like spiritual symbols that represent a cosmology that's vastly different from traditional judeo-christian. The latter is more about inclusiveness in real life than unity on hard to prove matters (even more sadly, sometimes it just makes human mistakes official truths that are flawlessly marketed). In The Quest the reason it's all so charming still escapes me. There must be something that makes this game fun I believe.

    It might be silly, but I'm just trying not to fall away from what being a human means :)

  • Yeah, as a Christian, it’s difficult not to be immersed in this game where magic exists. But studying the Bible, there’s magic, witchcraft and all that, we shouldn’t feel guilty playing a game where we don’t use magic in real life. Yes?
    I love this game because it’s a first person experience. Plus we were given a chance to go bad and not feel evil. Lol
  • I think 2 things
    1. Magic in videogames is not necessarily pagan. What's pagan is pantheism like lifestream from original FF7. Lifestream in FF7 is life energy and all living things, when die, become that energy. You see, there's no clear distinction between a cockroach and a human this way, and that idea can neither be proven nor disproven (because the dead don't talk). So it's extremely pagan and dangerous to believe in. When you mix it with atheistic undertones, as you can imagine, it even reinforces this "impossible to comment on" idea.
    2. Yes, there's a long history of people who had pagan beliefs and stubbornly tried to use magic to manipulate reality in the Bible. You could be a happier and, more importantly, freer person if you didn't know what it means. But it's hard to escape from that in modern world, so Jesus reconciled corrupted peoples with God because otherwise we would have been doomed.

  • Ahhhh sounds reasonable
  • @Lady_Tivica3 said:
    Lol!!!! Nice to know I’m not alone in that

    Lady Tivica, I would be grateful if you told me more about similarly experiencing coincidences and unexplainable feelings and other weird things, because I feel like I'm alone in that (or I probably must think that I'm alone in that because otherwise it could create delusions). Thank you for sharing so I know it's somewhat ok :wink:

  • Not to be weird but that thing about being religious and magic...... I'm Jewish and normally it doesn't bother me (magic or mythology) until a night ago in a different game not related to this I discovered you can be a worshiper of Baal. So far I've never felt uncomfortable with The Quest or any of the expansions. I think they do a fantastic job of being inspired by other people's mythology but making it into their own thing. This other game I believe is doing the same thing but ugh Baal that caught me off guard. I actually had to pause a moment and think it through. To the creators of the game it's just mythology and has absolutely nothing to do with people thousands of years ago worshipping Baal.

    I read H.P. Lovecraft and play Call of Cthulhu table top game. I can usually separate the art from the artist. So in games I think it's kinda like that with magic and mythology. You know the magic in the game is just fantasy and not intended to subvert anyone from their beliefs.

    Final thought, I do understand how you feel and I think that's probably a normal reaction for many people that are observant no matter which faith.

    I bought the Cursed Chess Set expansion btw. Super stoked
  • That's wonderful - artist is much more loveable than what we love - art. I guess you're more morally mature than I am to say the least :smile:

    That answers my question more or less - we can indulge in bad art or any other art and find wisdom in it and more, but whoever made it is innately superior (I mean, infinitely more valuable). I could be wrong, it's not intuitive for me to think this way yet. I think you meant something different and more simple of course :smile: Too bad I can't separate art from real world because it's a lot simpler and easier to understand than the real world.

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