Macha's Curse Quest List

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The quest list---


  • 55 quests...? Wow! Fantastic!

  • Also a bounty for wolves and a bounty for bandits. The place is crawling with both. :) Crafting and trading.

  • Although I've crawled through the world and done all the quests there are undoubtedly still some elusive bugs for the Bug Miners. : ) Just please don't title your message 'Possible bug' -- please just title it 'Trouble with---- or something like that. There are a lot of places you might find it difficult to figure out where something is and I tried to leave some hints. But unless I really fell down on the job, I did do all the quests. : )

    Hint--my favorite color is blue. : )

  • Cannot wait any more Cat...stop teasing us and releeeeease..:-)

  • The process is -- I upload it to Steam but not in a way that shows up and send the file to Elendil to make it mobile and send to Apple and the Google Play Store. Once it's approved by Apple and Google, I push a button to make it visible in Steam. This way it's released on all platforms at the same time.

    I told the betatesters I'd upload it to Steam Friday but if I get no comments by tomorrow night, might upload it then.

    The approval process takes a few days, so hopefully by the middle or end of next week.

    Btw, I was level 40 when I started and am level 46 now. Ready to start on porting HOL III, which will probably start at level 45.

  • Great, thank you for sharing details, wish you smooth finishing of this port and I will download immediately. By the way can you whisper about approximate date of porting HOL III on android?

  • I've started. I need to work on the graphics, add new material and it needs to be tested, so I'd say at least two months.

  • Great. That will be a perfect gaming continuation after finishing Macha.

  • The Asteroids series might start with a low level but everything else will just continue.

  • Updated Quest list to show correct location of Macha's Temple as Wailing Point. The updated list is in a thread above.

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    Feed the wolf - For the Poisonous Wolf, Dundalk, feed him a Drizzle of Poison Potion.

    I haven't managed to find the Poisonous Wolf anywhere in Dundalk (unless I managed to kill him or something).

    I have got a Drizzle of Poison potion.

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    He's there. He's friendly and can't be fought and never goes away. He's in mid Dundalk close to the border of Red Branch Knights. So mid east of Dundalk. You might not see him for some trees on the west and a short bush. He's green so he blends in. : )

  • Found him! Thank you so much. He's a really pretty wolf too ;)

    Now wondering if we'll get pets in Quest 2...

  • That would be nice. : )

  • Finished Macha this morning! Miraculously last bash to Brown Bull in Arena gave me level 53. Going from base Quest through Islands, Thor, Luko I and II, Celtic Rift and Macha I survived 288 in game days.

    So in Macha I solved 55 out of 56 quests (one was failed, because I rather saved and let free prisoners in Trolls underground than served Troll Vile. Here I have one question- in Trolls underground there is still one Troll (forgot his name already) where in dialogue I asked him about some book in his hands, but he doesn´t reply. Is that meaningless or there is still some hidden quest I haven´t got?

    Otherway thank you for your hard work and excellent expansion with brilliant story (among many details I appreciated new monsters and very nice Bulls fighters...).

    Keep this excellent job in further expansions, which I´m looking forward to already. I would support you also in case your games would be twice expensiver on Google Play...


  • Answered in different thread. Congratulations on finishing! I failed Vile's quest too. : )

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