Stuck at end

I delivered the baby; gained Kladenac; defeated Giny; killed everything (I think) in the Tower (sort of a chevron-shaped room with two buttons and two teleporters). I’ve missed something because seeing the Tsar doesn’t end the game, and the map I’m looking at shows a whole area under all the switch rooms on the third floor I haven’t been able to access. Is there anything glaringly obvious I’ve missed?


  • There’s a green wall in the picture room I can’t open. Done Disarm, Unlock, and the Mole dagger (which hasn’t worked for me). Kladenac, burning hand, tapping, begging, swearing…

  • You need to kill Kozney the Deathless. He's on the Third Floor, next to where Silvergirl was. Did you destroy the Oak Tree with a spell?

    Is it possible for you to put up a picture of the area you can't get to on the Third Floor?

    Where is the picture room and that green wall? I see one green wall and unlock should work if you have Kolobok in your backpack.

  • Is there a way to get back to Venet’s Isl if you, for instance, overwrote your marked location while playing the next expansion?
  • I had a saved file. The end plays out differently from the classic version! Argimon was right where I left him! Thanks:)
  • Yes, the end is different.

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