Can’t seem to locate this. All help appreciated.


  • Still looking as well, been all over rooftops and still can find it…

  • As I remember, from one of the rooftops, there is a ladder down to a 'thieves alley' or something like that. I thinks that's where it is.
    As well, there are invisible paths between somme of the rooftops.
  • That's exactly right.
  • I’ve gone all over the rooftops…across the invisible paths….not found anything…yet…

  • Thnx anyway.

  • I must have found it already…as it was in my backpack!

  • How can I get rid of the wall of energy in the alley of thieves? (Those archers are hard to kill!)

  • Cast the spell Disarm at them.

  • @Catacomber said:
    Cast the spell Disarm at them.


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