Last 4: Moon crystals, anti acro, heal croc, last 2 pirates

Finished all but these four tasks. Fantastic game!
1) I've been to Kuai 's store every day for a long time, no moon crystals. The sphere outside the locksmith in Pokyograd doesn't offer them to me.
2) Anti acro potion - used to be sold by an apothecary, I think I treasure lagoon? No apothecary there, haven't found potion anywhere else.
3) what do I need to heal croc and get clock? Someone posted about Monster Fiber but I haven't found it anywhere.
4) Last two pirates - Bloodaxe and Longbeard? ( Sorry if that's not their names - my memory is such that as soon as I turn away I forget things.) On Pogan Island - where?????? I've walked every step of the darn island many times, haven't found them.

Thanks in advance; I love these games, and I love these boards! Catacomber is a brilliant name, but I think you should also be called Super Cat! (With a nice cape, of course.)


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    1) Kuai does indeed sells Moon Crystal Gems, but he sells them very rarely. You'll need to use the 'save-and-load' tactic A LOT in order to purchase those Gems from him. πŸ˜…πŸ˜— Also, regarding about that blue orb just outside of Pronyra's Locksmith store, that orb over there simply just unlocks the Golden Chests that you obtained at Bethlusaa's Lair from "Mithril Horde I". And for each Golden Chest that you brought over to that blue orb, you will receive 1000 Gold, 5 Ruby Gems and 3 Moon Crystal Gems. πŸ˜™

    2) Snooker the Croc at Treasure Lagoon is the one that will give you the Anti Acro Potion as a reward after you completed its quest "Cure Snooker". πŸ˜™ (How did a crocodile ends up having such potion in the first place, you might wonder...? Well, there's a good reason for it.. πŸ˜πŸ˜…)

    3) To heal Snooker the Croc, you'll need Monster Fiber which is sold at any Inns. Again, you will need to use the 'save-and-load' in order to purchase that item. As for Grigori's missing Clock, once you've assisted Snooker the Croc with resolving its problem, you will get the Clock (along with the Anti Acro Potion as well) as a reward. πŸ˜™ (Again, there's a VERY GOOD reason of why that crocodile had both the Potion and the Clock in the first place... 😏) Also, you need to be a Healer Apprentice beforehand, too. πŸ˜—

    4) Bloodaxe and Longbeard (It is their names alright. πŸ˜™) both are actually in Dram Castle which its entrance have been hidden and guarded by the pirate, Mihail of Barbary, at Pogan Island. You will need items of disguise (and high Stealth too) from Motveyev in order to enter Dram Castle. (Motveyev himself also has a quest for you as well, the quest "Prince Dragokahn" that's related with Dram Castle.)
  • By the way, regarding with Moon Crystal Gems, there are two areas where you can find a bunch of those Gems. πŸ˜™πŸ’Ž

    1) You can find 4 Moon Crystal Gems by standing on a tall grass over at the Island of the Criminally Insane, which is accessible from the sewer grate at Fort Pokoygrad.

    2) At Dram Castle, around the section where Prince Dragokahn resides at, there's a crack on the wall which inside of it contains 2 Moon Crystal Gems.
  • MysticFury, thank you!!!! Everything worked perfectly and I'm now done with HOL III. Onward!

  • Thanks, MysticFury and congratulations, arb!

  • @arb said:
    MysticFury, thank you!!!! Everything worked perfectly and I'm now done with HOL III. Onward!

    You're most welcome there. β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ And best of luck with your future endeavors there. πŸ€žπŸ€

  • @Catacomber said:
    Thanks, MysticFury and congratulations, arb!

    It's no problem at all, Catacomber. πŸ˜™πŸ‘

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