Exorcise the water ghoul

Where is water dragon chin and location of joe reef?


  • Make sure you talk to Chin before you try to exorcise the water ghoul.

    You get to Joe's Reef from a hole in the Extinct Volcano in the northwest.

    Chin is in the far south of Lair of the Sea Orm. You get there from a teleporter in the far southeast of Joe's Reef.

  • Thnx cat meow, i already finished all the task but still didnt have the credit just like another quest serial? Something wrong? ☺
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    Do you mean the quest is still active in your list? Did you go back to For Mikey in the Faculty Building, East Point? He solves it. I don't see anything wrong.

  • No i mean my quest already empty but there is no sign or credit that i already finish this game
  • Judge Dael should give that to you if you get all the votes.

  • I already become a member of guild, anyway where is judge dael?
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    Palace of Buyan. If you marked in either Room of Reason or Room of Treason, just go down the stairs.

  • It is funny that I already finish all the task but never heard place called palace of buyan, where is it?
  • In Odettia.

  • Im in room of reason with odd number riddle, please help clue..
  • If you take the letter S away from Seven, what remains?

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