Playroom 7 switches Submarine

I dont see less brown more brown they look same. Opposite wall has lion flag lion flag. Can you please clarify switches.? Thanx


  • From door face switches N. S1 down S2 down S3 up S4 up S5 down S6 down S7 up.

  • Facing switches is east. Moving from S1 to S2 is North..

  • Facing north, the purpose of the switches is to get a submarine key. Four switches should be on and four off. On the east side as you face north. S1 down, S2 down, S3 up, S4 up, S5 down, S6 down, S7 down.

    Your problem is S7, flip them all up and then do as above. That should help. Because you started setting them, you have to reset them all.

  • I got the key. Finished HOLV. Thank you for the high gear. Luv'd the submarine
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