Is it possible to reobtain these items after selling them? (Iron tiara, titanium hammer)

I realized fairly early on in this expansion not to just sell whatever arms and armour I came across since some were required for quests despite not having yellow text-- unfortunately, while I managed to find more laser swords and sparks of life and whatnot I realized it too late for these 2 items in particular and can't find replacements anywhere. Is there an NPC that sells these somewhere? I've camped out most blacksmiths and haven't seen either in their inventories :(


  • Nevermind on the hammer, I realized I can probably smelt it with titanium ore. I'm still stumped on the tiara though.

  • Problem solved. I found the hammer being sold in the medieval faire, and I waited a week to see if the tiara respawned and it did.

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