Golems’ Nest

Very much enjoying the game. Have killed the basilisk, and am now being a compkrtionisg in trying to finish off the final quests. I have gotten to the Golems’ Nest and have killed all the Master Toads, but don’t see how to proceed.


  • Do you have the quest to kill the Metal Golems from the East Wind in the East Wind's Tower? 'Metal Golems For the East Wind, East Wind's Turret, Lord Zephar's Palace. Find the nest that hold the Metal Rooster and Metal Toad Golems that the Basilisk's minions use to breed the Basilisk Clones and destroy them.' And if you have the quest, did you complete it?

    Not sure what you mean how to proceed. The Metal Rooster and the Metal Toad are in the far north of the Golem's Nest.

  • Sorry for not being clear. I realized as you were posting that I hadn’t fully explored the area beyond the maze of holes. Just did that and finished the quest. I should have tried a bit harder before posting! In any case, happy to have completed the expansion. Thank you for writing another absorbing one.

  • Glad you got through. Often a post helps. :p Thank you!

  • Got rid of the metal toad, can’t get rid of the rooster.....strange....running through a variety of wins....can’t get close enough to use metal golem grinder on it....maybe something else?...it doesn’t follow me into the corridor as the toad did.....

  • Done it!...phew!

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