Can't Open the Last Door in the Den of Sekharet

I'm stuck on the steal back the tusk because I can't open the final door. I've messed with the pressure pad and hit/touched every wall in that room and still can't seem to find a way to open that door. Help would be much appreciated.


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    Other quest glitches I might be having are, the dragon captain is missing so I can't get the dragon egg. (I talked to him earlier without the dragon speak necklace or completing the quests to get it) and he disappeared after saying the egg was down the hallway but wasn't. Should I just buy. Sharahazad from phred if I can't get the dragon egg?
    Another glitch I have is with the cannibals kupaqi. I killed all of them in the secret tunnel before I started the quest. He says there are still more to kill and I've touched every wall to see if there was something I'm missing.
  • The door to Sekharet has a lever. So am guessing you need to open the door before that. You need to activate the pressure plate and then in the corridor to the west of the corridor that has the pressure plate, find a red candle. : )

  • Thanks for the tip :)
  • Hi, from me!!
    How do I get in the Den?

  • Nevermind, I found the helmet 😋😋😋

  • But where to find the tusk? Have tried talking to Sekharet but he just keeps insulting me... :) I am aware I have to steal it but what am I missing here?

  • You need Stealth greater than or equal to 85 when you talk to Sekharet.

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