Where to find book for soldier?

Hi I will probably find it tomorrow but I have searched everywhere and I have not found the book the soldier at the crossroads wants,I am pretty sure I am just about finished the game . I have no other quests to do but the spider ones and I haven’t got them yet.

I am enjoying the game but have yet to hear any mention of a spy just seen it mentioned on the post here.
Have a good weekend, stay safe


  • You need to do this quest for the Rusalka Spirit and she will give you the book.

    "For the Rusalka Spirit, Chudolesye Forest, find her jewelry and return it to her."

  • I did that I don’t remember getting a book could I have sold it?

  • It can't be sold but you may have stashed it somewhere.

  • Had to go back and then she gave it to me

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