Mithril Horde I - small visual problems

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In Pontiniakh innner city, I notice 3 small problems:

A black square:

A guard stuck in bush, remove the bush and move the guard in the corridor near the royal forest and palace door:

The royal forest and palace panel si located 4 or 5 squares from the door, move the panel were the guard was:


  • Thanks for those. I took away the map sign. The HD version doesn't have one. I took away the bush but left the guard there because that's where he should be and moved sign next to guard. Will be in next update.

  • Hi Cat. Great game so far as always. My character for this expansion is level 18. A few other items for next update.

    Opening screen says “Designed for high level characters”. Per earlier discussions, this game Is actually suited for lower level characters - which I prefer. My Lvl 18 is a bit shy of the recommended 20, but think I can handle it.

    Also at very beginning of the game, your high level weapon “Cat’s Razor” 250-350 Is left on the ground - Seems this weapon was intended for a higher level character. I picked it up and put it back on the ground. Seems like cheating to use this.

    And a typo: Mythril darning needle quest description: “ladies” not ‘fadies”.

    All the best! Keep those whiskers covered and your paws clean!

  • Thanks Paracoupe. I'll make the changes to the opening screen and the Mithril Darning needle quest but will wait to see if there are any more changes before an update. I often leave a high power weapon or armor near the beginning for players like Liz who don't care for fighting. Just ignore it. Thanks again.
  • Corrected the Mithril Darning Needle in the downloadable quest list. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    In Floating Islands Of Dryst, you can move there, but you cannot leave after unless reloading...

  • I can't reproduce that problem. Unless someone else has the same.....

  • I ran into that problem also. I had a Save file that I had made at the beginning of Floating Isles of Dryst, so I loaded that and avoided the "trap" (although Recall probably would have been just as good).

    The problem seems to be linked to the gap between the two wooden walkways (see screenshot below).

    You can walk over the gap when passing from one walkway to another. You can also enter it from the south and then step onto either of the two walkways. But, if you step into the gap and then move north along the wall then when you come back you are unable to step into the gap and will be unable to get onto either walkway.

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    I'll do an update. Thanks. In the update, you won't be able to move up that grass.

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