Quick question - how do I open the door to the zoo? Do I need a key? Can’t get in


  • Ignore. Didn’t realise I hadn’t spoken to Liz. She gave me what I need. Always the way - post and you will find 😁

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    Gyffes' Law. :smile: Not sure if anyone here remembers Gyffes from Legacy. Miss him.

  • Cat I firmly believe in it because EVERYTIME I have posted on these forums for any expansion I have literally solved the problem within minutes of posting. I don’t remember Gyffe but he must looking out for all us gamers.

  • What is the item Liz gives to enter the zoo? I cannot enter yet I have already spoken to her and completed her quest.
  • She doesn't give you what you need. Liz tells you:

    I should imagine you may need at some point to enter his famous zoo. You'll need a Code Key to open the gate. I haven't got it, but I hear Queen Kidul in her fortress to the east might. She collects even more old books and papers than me.

  • Where about s is the zoo...maybe I just haven’t explored the north enough....

  • See pic--

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