Mad dwarf king

If you put in the wrong number first time, can you reset the puzzle?


  • Probably but which puzzle is this? Which floor are you on?

  • first. It’s the one where the mad king is, plaque outside door saying he’s the 34th king?

  • Also, where can I get my experience back? Been poking mirrors and orbs but can’t find the right one :)

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    You can get your experience back from a sphere in the far northwest of the Mushroom Kingdom. I think you can reset the number--the correct number is XXXIV. : )

  • Mushroom kingdom says “nothing happens” tried 34... tap increase 5 8 times = 40, then decrease twice which should be the right number but says wrong number :(

  • The sphere in the Mushroom Kingdom only allows you to restore your saved xp once a week--otherwise it says 'Nothing happens.' I'm not sure how Argimon coded the numbers but will take a look.

  • Try clicking the whatever it is you're clicking to increase or decrease until the candles are off and then try increasing and decreasing. It would help me if I knew where these candles are. When the candles are off, it looks like the number for the door is 0.

  • Its
    here, there are buttons on each side of door, one increases by 5 the other decreases by three. There’s a plaque facing the door which says rooms of Korgan xxxiv. That any help? (Hugs)

  • In Michelle’s guide it says to cluck the -3 button, but I just cannot get candles to go out :( driving me mad! :)

  • I’ve gone back to a previous saved game so don’t stress! :)

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    Argimon designed it to drive you mad. Here's the code on the right hand button that decreases:

    message("Decreased by three");
    Basically what that says is that if the door is not open--and you tap that knob, you decrease the global by 3.

    And if you can get that global to a negative, you set the candle off. and you set the counter on the door to whatever that global is, which should at that point be 0. Let me see if I can turn the candle off. This was easy in the classic edition because it's really easy there to see if a candle is off--here not so much.

    I think that's the problem, in the HD version the difference in a candle being on or off is just one of brightness. They never really go off as in the classic edition.

    However, once I decreased the thing on the right so the candles were dimmer and increased the left side to 40 and then subtracted three twice by hitting the knob on the right twice, I did get the door to open.

    The problem lies with the candles---they never really go off-they just get dimmer. Loving the classic version for some things.

  • I shall try! Thank you sweetie.

  • YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! It worked!!!!

  • Not a genius at all. : ) Just noticed that the HD candles just don't completely go off like the Classic candles. They just dim. Glad you got through.

  • Argimon is very clever because he’s driving me mad too. Cannot Get the candles to go off or reset buttons no matter how much I try. Any ideas? Otherwise enjoying the game but did need some help in the mad dwarves castle. Some very challenging puzzles but now I’m stuck.

  • Yeah, I’ve just done it! You have to keep tapping the decrease 3 button ( in my case many times) until the candle flames are perfectly still. Then try again. Brilliant! I’m 70 next week so you can’t expect too much from me.

  • Happy Birthday! Argimon is fiendish and clever. This is a wicked puzzle and I'm glad you got through.

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