Great Expansion - Question on Future Expansions

I like all the bonus attribute and skill points awarded with some of the quests. In future expansions, would it be possible to allow the player to pick the attributes and skills for any bonus points, or is that beyond the game engine? Could the extra points just be added to the available points total, and let the player decide where they go?


  • Unfortunately, that's beyond the game engine but it might be possible to give you a choice among which attribute/skill you want to increase via dialogue as a quest reward. But it would have to be limited to a few per quest reward because dialogue choices are limited.

    What would you consider to be the most desirable choices?

  • I usually try to keep my character balanced, with equal values for the five attributes, but I don't want to speak for everybody. I think if there were several opportunities throughout an expansion to pick from two or three attributes or skills, each player would have enough choices to customize their character. Thank you for considering the suggestion.

  • I will see what I can do. : )

  • Great expansion. Just finished it. Keep up the great work….I think that’s all of The Quest series done now…guess it’s time to start again with another character…. Any more expansions in the pipeline?

  • Thanks very much. :)

    I sent Curse of Linmore which is new to Elendil but he's having some kind of hurdle to overcome with the Google Play Store and likes to upload to all platforms at once. So am waiting on that.

    Meanwhile, am porting Cursed Chess Set and it's close to being ready for testing.

    After that, would either have a new expansion or port Dragon Jade or Cursed Stone.

  • Great news. I look forward to doing them both.

  • On my side, I would like a new expansion with a dark story, zombie and liche... One thing I was thinking about is a dual time expansion, first you scavenge accross a burned land with dead people that chase you for revenge without knowing why, until you find a time portal that send you back in the same place when it was alive. There the villain trick you and you unleash him...
  • I will think about it. :)
  • Uh scary!
    But when you are sent back in time you'll have to meet "Young Shaman" and "Baby Cat"!

  • edited September 25

    That all by itself is scary. Young Shaman and baby cat. You know how much trouble kittens can cause. : )

    I actually have an idea how this can be done--just read an article on cavers who went down to the bottom of a huge sink hole in the east. It will take some time to develop the idea as I have to finish porting Cursed Chess Set and Dragon Jade but will get there. : )

    @ nico7550

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will put you in the credits if that is all right with you.

  • Of course. Thanks!

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