Wizards Enclave 1st Floor, missing key

I have finished this game twice before but this time I have managed to get stuck in the Wizards Enclave. I cannot find the key that opens the door to the "dare to be different" teleporters.
I have searched every inch of the 1st floor level and cannot find it at all, even though I had no trouble with this the last 2 times.
Any ideas at all?
I thought that one of the monsters may have dropped it when killed but I have given myself eyestrain searching all the floors and nothing appears to be there.
Any help gratefully appreciated.


  • There is no key. You need a lockpick and Lockpick skill of at least 100.

  • Dear Cat
    Thank you again for your help and prompt reply. There goes my promise not to pester you again. I was obviously confused by the message when I tried to open the door that the chance of picking the lock was zero. My (our's, its my wife's character) lockpick skill is only 84 so we will boost it and try again.
    Thank you again for your help.

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