Clear Cape Nose and How to Repair Anything Issues

Can’t clear these 2 quests. Have killed everything in Cape Nose and no badges were dropped. Also, have hit every house (Door and window) in Holdovia and no repair book. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


  • If you have the quest, the book How to Repair Anything is on a door in the middle of Holodovia.

    The Kozney's Troopers in Cape Nose Lab drop their badges.

    This is the HD version.

  • Hi Cat! Thanks for the response. I am asking about the HD version (sorry, keep for getting there is 2 versions now!!). I have completed all the tasks in the game. I cannot clear these 2. The lab in Cape nose is cleared, but no badges on the floor or in my inventory. I have also hit every house at the door and window in Haldovia. No book. I.s the book sellable. Maybe I sold it by mistake. Same with the badges, are they sellable? Does Fred sell them? This is likely all my fault (probably sold the) and not a glitch. But just wanted to check.

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    The badges can't be sold. When you killed the Paratroo[ers inside the Cape Nose Lab, did you check their drops? The book however can be bought from a librarian if you camp outside for awhile. It's chances of showing up are low so you might have to sleep for awhile.

    Here is where the book is.

  • Thanks Cat. I may have just dropped The badges along the way. I don’t remember if I picked them up after defeating the paratroopers, but I’ve been back several times and there is nothing on the floor. I hit the building you identify in the map. Nothing there. I’ll camp. Thanks again!!

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