Mithril Horde I for Steam and GOG File-get it here


  • You can get there from Matras. Level 21 ish.

  • level, smevel ;-)

  • sorry that was abrupt, also, thank you Cat :-) you are awesome

  • addendums followed by further addendums are most endearing ;-) seriously, thank you

  • Dear Cat
    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to produce a free game.
    Now for the moaning bit.
    I can not find it anywhere on steam. I followed your link and downloaded a .pak file that my PC would not handle. Do I need to download another programme to install the expansion?
    My wife and I have played every one of your expansions at least twice and they have been a boon during the lockdown situation deep in the wilds of Lincolnshire (If you've read Terry Pratchett think of the Plains of Sto Lat but with more cabbage fields).
    Whether or not I eventually manage to download the game I still appreciate your kindness in making the game available for free.

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    I'm glad the games have given you and your wife some relief during this terrible time. And I hope you both stay well.

    You need the Steam Quest app or the GOG Quest app (the base game) to be able to download any of our PC expansions and play them, even Mithril Horde. I'm looking into as a means of selling our PC expansions but Redshift doesn't use at present for making the base game available. You will still need the quest base game either from Steam or GOG. This is nothing I have any control over.

    The pak file is the correct file. Once you have the base game, either from Steam or GOG, the Quest will look for the expansion pak file in Documents/The Quest/expansions. Any expansion pak put there will be picked up and playable. If the file path doesn't exist, just create it.
  • Thank you for your reply. I do of course have the original base game, that is why we have been able to buy and play all your expansions for the PC from Steam.
    I will move the .pak file I have downloaded using the path above and try again.
    Thank you again for your help and patience'

  • Let me know if that works for you. Thanks.

  • Dear Cat
    I have managed it (I think). the file did not need unpacking just copying straight into the expansions folder of The Quest and so far it is working perfectly.
    Hopefully my wife and I can complete the game without pestering you for clues.
    Thanks again for making this expansion available.

  • I don't consider asking for help pestering. : ) Just glad I can help.

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