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I discovered The Quest some time ago and now I am playing the expansions one after the other.
Thanks to make this an almost neverending fun game. Especially on Android where it's not that easy to find a useful game.

Currently played list:
The Quest Main Game
Thor's Hammer
Isles of Fire & Ice
Celtic Rift
HOL 1 (almost completed)

I started to post in the Redshift Forum about my open quests where existing the discussions didn't help me. They aren't released yet.
Should I better post about the Zarista expansions here?

Keep it up & Thanks


  • Thank you! You're welcome to post your questions here. It's easier for me to put up a picture here if necessary. Welcome to the forum.
  • Ah, that wonderful period before you gobble up all of the expansions in a frenzy of gaming. I remember it well. Pace yourself! And welcome!
  • Just got the Eye of the Beeholder in HOL2 after fighting lot's of flying eye bee-monsters.
    I think Eye of the Beholder was the first RPG I played... back then on my Amiga 500. Your oldschool style, flying eyes and the annoying invisible teleporters reminded me again.

    I hope you are faster with adding new expansions than me playing.

  • Trying. Thanks. I played Eye of the Beholder and was enchanted.

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