Home of the Wise Ones

Is this area accessible, and if so, how is it accessed?


  • It's a surface map in the mid south. You can walk there.

  • Where do you find the key?
  • Found it. Thanks again.
  • You get that from the Druid Keeper for doing his quest.

  • I'm pretty far along having dealt with the main Merlin, Malin, and Habren quests.

    I am trying to finish the quartz lens one and went to Opti who sent me to get Pure water from Dame Clarity in Home if the Wise Ones.

    I believe I need the key you mentioned but the Druid Keeper is not offering any quests. He just tells me about the roles of his druids.

    Is it is too late to get the Keeper's quest or did I maybe miss something along the way?
  • He'll talk to you about a quest and key if you have the quest Voice of the Oracle, "For Domnan, Kale Castle, go to the Home of the Wise Ones and plead with the Oracle for advice about who should ascend to the throne if Habren goes back to the Wheel of Time."

  • That worked (of course). Thank you!
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