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I have run into a slight problem with this quest. The description states "For Farmer Razin, Elephant Hills, take a sack of Ground Nuts and a sack of Cardamom to the Master Trader in the City of Bithoor. Return to him with a receipt." However Farmer Razin gave me a chest of Ground Nuts and Turmeric to deliver and the Master Trader does not seem to be interested in it. Is there something else I need to do or is this a bug? [If it is relevant, my Personality is shown as 161 (146).]

I am playing the Android version and the version numbers of The Quest and Basilisk's Eye are as follows:
14.0.2 (The Quest)
13.0.2 (Basilisk's Eye)

Thank you.


  • The sack is in the chest. : ) That is a bug. The Master Trader checks for quest 64 and that should be quest 54. So he's looking to see if you have the quest "For Kairav the Curio Dealer, Jilalul Village, lockpick his door. He got locked out of his shop.", he will take the spices from you.

    I will do an update to fix that. But if you want to solve that right away, go get that quest.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • Thanks.

    No need to rush as I am taking my time so as to make things last longer and still have plenty of places to explore, quests to complete (such as finding Anti-cyclone Shards), and quests to be assigned.

  • Update already sent to Elendil and the Steam update is up. Thanks.

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