Chalice of Reflection quest question...

The barefoot boy says it was stolen from him. What should I do? there is no clue...
Now I am in Devil Bird's Eyrie, there is a teleport, but it surrounded by tree and I clicked everything it is not opened :'(


  • Persuasion should be ~140...

  • About those trees, you need the quest to Shiny up a chalice: For the Barefoot Monk, Temple of Shiva the Destroyer, Kadapul City, find the Chalice of Reflection in the Devil Bird's Eyrie to the south and bring him that cup and a spell of Shiny Up from the Witch of the Sacred Grove, Lord Ganesh's Sacred Grove to the south. He'll use the spell to polish the dull chalice. You'll have to bring the witch a sprig of Drualus and a Red Rosette flower before she'll give you the spell.

    And you need to hit, not tap those trees.

    I wrote this book which you can buy in a bookstore to give you some hints what you need to do to kill the Basilisk:

    You get the quest to kill the Basilisk from Fershid. After you speak with him for the first time, you can visit him in his room in the Vizier's Courtyard. Speak with Pedsipec there to find out how to reach the Basilisk's Tower. Speak to Old Shaman there to find out how to kill the Basilisk.

    To reach the tower, you'll need the Wind Rope from the North Wind in his turret in Lord Zephar's Palace. You'll also need the Chalice of Reflection. If you position yourself in front of the Basilisk while holding up the chalice so that he sees his reflection in the cup, he'll explode and only his two eyes remain. Kill them to finish the quest. You get a reward from both Fershid and Lord Zephar in his palace for killing him.

    You'll need the five Anticyclone shards and the scroll of Joining that Pedsipec gives you to neutralize the winds that protect his tower. Lord Zephar's Grand Vizier can help you find the shards. To hide the Chalice of Reflection from his sight, you'll need the Hide scroll and then the Scroll of Revealing to show him the chalice when you're in front of him.

    You can get the Chalice of Reflection from the Barefoot Monk in the Temple of Shiva the Destroyer in the City of Kadapul to the north. He'll tell you he lost it and ask you to find it in the Devil Bird's Eyrie. Then you'll need to polish it up. See the witch in Lord Ganesh's Grove for a Shiny Up spell.

    You'll need a Snake Charmer's Flute and a Birdsong Lullaby to lull his guards so you can enter his tower.

  • Yes, if I wanted to start quest, I needed to have more than 100 persuation that I did not know. now I am in trouble to earn Chalice of Reflection in Devil Bird's Eyrie. There is nothing

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    Look at the picture I put up in your separate thread. : ) That should help you. If not, come back. If all else fails, you can buy the chalice from Phredd.

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