Where to free catacomber?

I opened all the doors in Arigorms Dungeon but i cant seem to find out where Catacomber is can anyone help me with this at all, i dont know what am missing i killed norbert already and went through the tele to grab the hat?


  • I'm in a cell in the middish east of his dungeon. You have to do a flag puzzle and have high lockpick skills to find and free me. Come back if you need a pic. : ) I am languishing in that cell.

  • Thanks, i have managed to get your free! So far am loving these expansions your doing, think am about halfway to finishing luko 1, i might run into some trouble later so i’ll post if anything comes up
  • Please do post if you're stuck. :smile: Thank you for freeing me. I made need your help again. : ) Probably a lot.

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