The Other Egg

I would appreciate some guidance on where to look for this quest item. I think I searched all of Basilisk's Tower. Thank you.


  • The other egg is in a sphere here:

  • How do you remove the other egg...all I get is “ the sphere glows with a hideous light”

  • You need this quest, "For the Rooster, Limestone Caves, find the other Basilisk egg that he and his mate the Toad spawned so he can destroy it. It should be somewhere in the Basilisk's Tower."

  • That’s the problem, I have the quest but can’t get the other egg...I just get the message above. No worries, guess it could be bugged. Thnx anyway.

  • Are you sure you didn't already get the egg? It can't be sold. Try sleeping seven days and seven nights in an inn but also check your stash.

  • Thnx, I’ll keeping trying, lol...

  • Where do you find the quest "For the rooster"?
  • Never mind.
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