Stuck at fortress of glass - towers

I need help,
I think it's a bug or something but after I take the spider oil I couldn't find the torch with the candle. And I clicked on every torch that can be on this place.


  • This is from Michele's Guide her to the Fortress of Glass--see if it helps you, if not, come back:

    "Go back around the corner to the southeast again and find the gate that is now open. You\'ll run into an \'Oily Spider\'. Kill it and be sure you get the \'Spider Oil Potion\'. You\'ll need this plus a \'Candle\' (bought in the Bookshop or from Fionna in Albion) to make a \'Super Candle\'.
    You\'ll find an area here with a 5x5 floor pattern of cracks that you need to cross. Count four cracks over to the east. Walk three paces north. You should be warped to a crack along the west wall. Go one pace west, one pace north, one pace west and then go north to be across. Find the torch along the north wall with the sign by it. Tap it to make a \'Super Candle\' from the \'Candle\' and \'Spider Oil Potion\'
    Go to the west side of the room and tap the pink wall to blow it open. \'Hail\' is here. Once you defeat \'Hail\', you\'ll be warped back to the area with the teleports again."

  • This is the candle that you need to tap. It's not a torch but a tall candle with sconces.

  • Tnx it work for me now
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