Martelius' Blade quest

I have the Horalek and Martelius' Purifier in my inventory but when I talk to Martelius, he doesn't do the final upgrade. Do I need another Castek instead? I searched all throughout the map many times and couldn't find another one.

I don't even need the sword, just want an empty quest log before I move on to the next expansion :smiley:


  • It looks like you're missing a Castek. All the casteks respawn. There is a castek in each high-level dungeon...
    Savir Headquarters (located in Pine Barrens)
    The Undersea Grotto
    The Gates of Transportation
    The Savir Armory (Forest of Illusion)
    Giant's Thumb
    Maxims Cellar (Home of the Forester)...and one in Argimon's Dungeon.

    What does Martelius say to you when you talk to him?

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