Zoo-Correct order of colored paths to follow

Thanks to Imran for pointing this out. The instructions in the book and on the sign should be:

The correct order of the paths is--red, orange, yellow, green blue indigo violet.


  • After orange I try yellow but it gives me the “bong”. What am I missing

  • same with me...
  • Are you stepping on red, walking all the way through the maze until it resets, then stepping on orange, walking all the way the maze, etc.?

  • done red, doing orange, step on yellow and get bong...
  • I left a diagram in the other thread. But will repost it here.

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    It isn't readily apparent but this is the first half of the maze. If I follow the red path and avoid stepping anywhere on the path, the orange opens, same for orange, the yellow opens. You move to the green path from within the maze.
    That and the other remaining colors aren't in the diagram, but if anyone needs them, let me know. Diagram is a bit cluttered.
    I tested this and it works fine.

    Some parts of the maze, you can walk more than one way, as in yellow, but you have to exit at the spot where you can.

    If you walk back over any of the grasses where you exited, you will reset the game. So avoid that.

    If anyone needs the rest diagrammed, let me know.

  • ok, nooby here lol, I need the other colours pls 😏
  • I know you're not a noob but Old Shaman created a whimsical maze. Here's the complete diagram. Hope it's followable. You can find Princess Noor without doing the whole maze but if you do the whole maze you get a purple reward.

    When you step on the indigo flower, you trigger violet which is not a real path but sets the Purple glove visible in the southeast and you get a reward.

  • This map was SO useful! What threw me was the whole thing of following a "path" and then the fact that some paths didn't go all the way through and out again.

    But I've done it now! Thanks ;)

  • You're welcome.

  • I finished red, and orange opens. I finished orange, and get the message “And what comes next?” as I exit the maze, but yellow does not open. I avoided walking on squares at entrance/exit of other paths, but yellow doesn’t open. What am i missing?

  • Never mind! I found it. Great expansion by the way Cat, really enjoying it!

  • I'm glad. : )

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