Cursed Chess Set FAQ

Green force field in Iron Knob Mines--Since you started using the switches, turn them all up, then as you face the switches, turn the middle one down first, then turn the western one down as you face the switches then turn the eastern one down as you face the switches. You should hear a magical sound and the force fields should disappear.

Restore the Tree Spirit-Right near the sign that says "tread softly" and tells about the spirit, there is a dark, shrivelled, full-size tree...that is her! You need to talk to CFSDoc south of there along the coast, if you haven't already...he'll fill you in.

How to pass through rocks in Fire Lizard Mines - You need the "Rescue the Burghur" quest and the spell Burning Hand.

Sack of Morels - For the morels---tap a lamp in the Inferno's Cellar. It opens up a wall and you should find the sack on a shelf.

Ghosthunter is in Iron Knob Wood.

Eric1717 is in the Farmland.

To reach the Oracle's Cave in the Burning Bog - any of the candles except the eastern one to reset the puzzle.

Then tap the eastern one first, then the northern one, then the western one and then the one that's left.

to enter the Wizard's Castle-Do you have little trained mice? : ) There's a window in King's Way they may like to explore. They might find a useful key there for the gate to the right of that window.

Deactivate the Molem - You can find it almost in the center of the Pit of Molems. You can't see the Molem until you walk over it hiding in a patch of grass.

Steam Keys: The Green Steam Key is on a bush in the Village of Frommage. : )

Jamie990's guide to the location of the Steam Keys:

One is in a bush towards the north of village of Frommage.
One is in a crack/puddle in the cellar filled with rats (Dorrin's Cellar)
One is in the Dante's Inferno inn cellar on the wall on the right just as you enter, take 2 steps forward turn right then tap
One is in a bush in the north west of village of Frommage.


  • I have two blue steams but have looked tapped and struck all bushes etc cannot find any of the others. Please help.

  • The keys are there in the spots indicated in the post just above yours. Do you have the quest?
  • "How to pass through rocks in Fire Lizard Mines" - the Fire Hammer didn't work for me. But the spell Burning Hands did the job.

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    Burning Hand is the right tool there. I corrected that up above. Thanks very much!

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