Dream castle 2nd floor puzzle

dreams rarely evince a monstrous scream. had me for along time.


  • Does that mean you're ok?

  • Cant get past the force fiekd to thesecond floor.. have tried pictish knife and wand of kice
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    As I mentioned in a different thread, you need the Orb Key. I mentioned in that thread how to get it. : )

    You need the Orb Key. To get that, you need three pieces. Hell Spider in Dun of Shadows drops one piece. Dark Druid has a piece of Orb key. And the last piece is in the care of the Devil Dragon.See the Quest Orb key pieces: "For Mother Maab, Strongbow Wood, bring her three pieces of Orb Key and she’ll make Merlin’s Orb Key for you."

  • Got it!! Thanks
  • Dark Druid has a piece of Orb key.

    Where is Dark Druid?

  • Nevermind, again... I found him through the Tunnel of Lost Souls area.

    You know, I'm starting to think there's a "wash-your-car-then-get-pooped-on" type law with me posting here. I typically give it a few days before posting only to find the solution within hours after finally asking. Weird.

  • That's the way it goes. :smile:

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