Queen Kidul’s Fortress

Please, where can i find the key of the door in the hall with the teleport in Queen Kidul’s fortress?
I think that's where the library is.
And more: How can i reach or remove the trees by the teleport in Devil Bird’s Eyrie?


  • It’s always Murphys Law:) Found the key!
    Remains the question of the teleport trees in Devil Bird’s Eyrie

  • Hit the southern tree if you have the quest, Shiny up a chalice:
    "For the Barefoot Monk, Temple of Shiva the Destroyer, Kadapul City, find the Chalice of Reflection in the Devil Bird's Eyrie to the south and bring him that cup and a spell of Shiny Up from the Witch of the Sacred Grove, Lord Ganesh's Sacred Grove to the south. He'll use the spell to polish the dull chalice. You'll have to bring the witch a sprig of Drualus and a Red Rosette flower before she'll give you the spell."

  • I got the spell and I entered Devil Bird's Eyrie, but here are bunch of teleport... I earned the key and pushed hide key on north side of 3rd room, but there is nothing. Could you please help me Cat?

  • The shaded teleporters in this pic are the ones to use. Do not hit the switches. Tap the two columns. And you can get to the statue that has the chalice.

  • I havent thought about that.... Thank you so much!!

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    Well, I made it tricky. : ) But I did shade the important teleporters in the game--so I could find them myself when playing. : ) I have to get through too when testing. : )

  • So where is the key to the door in the teleported room in Queen Kidul’s Fortress?

  • It's an Ancestor's Skull not a key that opens that door and it's on a blue wall skull in the southeastern hallway.

  • I’m in a room full of Genies in Queen Kiduls Castle. When I move onto squares occupied by genies I either get transported out of the room or elsewhere in the room. I can see a shelf with items on it , but can’t get to it. Is there a map/ help with this puzzle pls?

  • Move carefully and save if it's the correct move. Move carefully again and save, etc.

    You want to reach the Genie in the far northeast who has a purple patch of floor under him. If you tap on him, he will take you to a place you want to go.

    The shelf is a tease. : )

  • Gotcha, thanks for that! Makes sense now...lol

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