rocs roost island

trying to get some roc eggs, i have rope and the quest, but keep getting message, perhaps you need a rope and a reason to climb up the cliff

am i missing something?


  • Do you have my quest - 'For Catacomber, Lord Zephar's Palace, travel to Roc's Roost Islands in the west and fetch her a Roc's egg to add to her rock collection.'

    If you have more than one rope, drop all but one.

    I just tested this and didn't have a problem.

  • nope, i have the quest steal rocs eggs for hamid, i assumed this was the only quest needed, okeydokey, need your quest then 😁
  • I must have my Roc's egg before anyone else can have theirs. : ) I'm in Lord Zephar's Palace.

  • Need help with this one. Can't even get close to Roc Roost, South of Baroosh city.Which mountain?Where do I start. TIA

  • On Roc's Roost Island in the northeast of the island there's a sign, "A good place to climb up." Start there. Make sure you have a rope. : )

    If you mean you can't get to Roc's Roost Island, there's a Genie in Jamjehli Village that can take you there.

  • Thank you. Last quest basilisks..... gotta get cat's egg.Hahaha

  • Just miss the simplest thing... I came south baroosh west from elephant and from jamjehli

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