Stuck just before the end of the game

Where am I supposed to go to finish things up after sealing Hemma in the Pits? There's a blocked pentagram teleport and few other things back in the Black Hole that look like potential answers but I can't figure any of it out.


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    You can unblock that teleporter by casting the spell Disarm on the wall of force. The pentagram will take you to the Alternate Dimension. There you can free the Asteroid Mage.

    See the quest "Save the Asteroid Mage--For the Elemental Lord in Mage Haven, find and save the Asteroid Mage, return her to Mage Haven and confine Hemma's evil spirit in the Hell Pits."

    You've confined his spirit now you have to free her.

  • Thanks so much, I've worked it out now!

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