Tux’s Hint Book

Can’t find it. Not even sure where to look? Anyone have some suggestions?? Thanks in advance!!


  • Tux says, 'The last time I had the book was in the bookshop in Seversk. I hope you can find it.'

    In the south of Seversk is a bookshop and it has a window. Maybe investigate that window.

  • Thanks much!! You rock!!

  • Hi Cat. Sorry to be a pain. There is no book store in Seversk, only in the north of Seversk Center. Anyway, I’ve hit and tapped every door and window in Seversk and Seversk Center to no avail. I’m going to try other towns, but another hint may be necessary.

  • Well I guess I found it because the quest cleared. Thanks again Cat!

  • Ok. I’m stuck on this one again. I’ve gone to every building and hit every door and window and still cant find this darn book. Please help. Also, if Phredd sells it, where is he located?

  • It's called Secrets of Lukomorye and is on the window of the house in the far midsouth of Seversk if you have the quest Secrets of Lukomorye, For Tux1212, Shipbuilders' Union Hall, Seversk Harbor, find his missing book, Secrets of Lukomorye. He thinks he lost it in Seversk. You can also buy it in bookshops but you'd need to camp out.

  • Thanks again Cat. Don’t know why I have so much trouble with this one!

  • I also can’t find it in Seversk or Seversk Center. I’ve tapped and hit every window (at night).

    When you say “far midsouth” are you talking about this house? It isn’t there :(
  • You can buy it in the bookshop there but may need to camp out. It's on the window of that bookshop.

  • Thanks, but I can’t see a bookshop in Seversk. There’s only a jeweller, spell shop and Alexandra the banker. See attached map screenshot. Am I playing a totally different version of HOL IV? I have the Quest Classic on iPhone and it says v20.9 on the menu.

    I’m sorry to be such a pain
  • edited May 30
    That explains a lot. The Classic version is often quite different from the HD version. Many people prefer it by the way. I'll be back a little later when I'm at my computer.
  • This is going to take some looking on my part. If it doesn't turn up, I'll do an update to make the book sellable.

  • Wow, that’s really nice of you! Thanks so much
  • Update to the Classic version sent to Elendil. Also in the Classic version, Silvergirl is now always visible on the Third Floor. If she's not, step one square next to where she was (she was in front of the green door).

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