Eugene Fox

Help! Can’t get him to talk to me. All my Stats are above 150. Missing something. Please help!,


  • First, you need this quest: 'For the Duke of GP, Shipbuilders' Union Hall, Seversk Harbor, find and destroy Kozney's agent, Eugene Fox, who, rumor has it, has been sabotaging the building of the new Lukomorian Navy in Seversk Harbor.'

    Also, you need to have spoken to the Mole Rat in Seversk Harbor about the Saboteur.

  • Hi Cat. I have the quest and talked to a guy at night in the harbor. Is that the Mole Rat you are talking about? I also talked to someone (a mole I think) behind a door in the southwest of the harbor. I just went back and when I touch the door it says it’s locked. I’ll keep looking around though.

  • Thanks again Cat. Mole Rat is there at night apparently. So quest done!!

  • I cannot find Eugene Fox. I have the necessary quest and paid the mole off. I looked all over the Seversk Center and Harbor areas at night. Please help...
  • I humbly withdraw my request for help. I found him while looking for something else. Thanks.

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