Elemental Asteroids FAQ

Tourma is in the Mineral Plains. You get to Chryso from the Ravaged City.

Zantek has one piece of space ship.

There's one on a green plant in the mid-east of the Fire Canyons.

One is on a rock in the middle of the Mineral Plains.

A statue in the Royal Maze has a piece.

Fire Power Flowers grow in Hot Spume Hell.

Chdo is in the Home of the Salt Dragons.

Destroy Sek - In lower southeast of Mineral Plains, enter an area of yellow brown brick. Hit one yellow brown brick wall, Past yellow brick walls with green decorations there's a gate you need a key for.

Arrowroot Ash should appear in the Alchemy Shop of the Dragon Mountains.

To free Lumenne - re are secret switches you have to touch in Sanctum of the Ice Trolls.

Stellar Abyss - For the Stellar Abyss, facing losing all your hp at the statue, you need the Amulet of Joining. You have to go to Lord Orion to get that but make sure you've talked to the Asteroid Mage first and listened to her instructions.

"The Mages await you in the Temple of the Great Mage, just inside Mage HQ. If you bring each of them their Temple key, each will give you a scroll. Place those scrolls on the stand there. That will summon the Light Mage.

He will ask you to go to Lord Orion and get an amulet that will allow you to lure the Dark Mage to him. If you can do that, the Great Mage will be restored and our long battle will be over. Then see the Elemental Spirit. If you've found all the pieces of your ship, you can go home."


  • Do you know how I get to Mage Haven? Am stuck at the part where the button says “this is a place where magic rules.” I tried a fireball on the switch and it said zing, but the only other fire spell I have is burning hand and that didn’t do anything else.

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    Now try the spell Lightning Storm. If you don't have access to magic shops in the base game, the Magician sells the scroll and the wand.

  • Thanks Cat. Found Turquoi now just got find Rhodo. Great game

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