Dun of Dead

OK so I’m hoping that by posting this I will activate Gyffes’ law and solve my own problem. How do I get to first secret switch on East side of Dun of Dead? I have tapped every wall, applied every spell and searched everywhere but cannot knock the walls down in that corridor to get to it. Please help


  • If you have the quest Kill the Brocken Spirit, 'For Detina, Fairy Queen's Palace, kill the Brocken Spectre who threatens the fairies. He can be found in the Dun of the Dead to the west.' -- hit the walls there and keep hitting them until you see the switch.

  • I have the quest to kill the Brocken Spirit. I have rod of awakening. I have tried hitting all walls in every section of that place including both corridors and main area but nothing happens. I have hit the walls in east corridor with every weapon I own and every spell in my inventory. Am I missing something?

  • Are you hitting these walls?

  • Yes and nothing is happening. I’ve even resorted to old save file and picked up the quest again but to avail. I’ve attached a screenshot in that exact location.

  • I keep tapping and hitting but nothing happens

  • You broke the first wall--the walls after that require you to have the quest Kill the Slitherers. 'For the Soulless One, Fourth Dimension, kill the Slitherers that trouble him. You need a Mage Antivenom Wand.'

  • Ahhh. OK. I should be able to get through no now as I've done that. thank you so much for help. Very much appreciated :)
  • Yay! Completed the quest. Superstar Cat thank you

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