Cure Madness

I have the potion yet it doesn't seem to work on the Abbot. Do I need higher personality or persuasion or something to complete this for Cfsdoc?


  • You just need the potion 'Cure Dark End's Poison'. Are you sure you have the right potion?

  • Awesome. Works good. Thanks.
  • I have that potion but the quest is not clearing. Anything else I need?

  • All you need is the potion. Are you sure you cooked it?

  • How do you cook it?
  • Eustacius the Alchemist in Monument of Obereg tells you, "If you have a sufficiently high alchemy skill, you can cook these potions on the brazier outside and then let them smell it."

    Tap the sphere outside his house with one cure poison potion in your inventory. If your Alchemy level is at least 90, you'll get the Cure Darkend's Poison potion.

    If you have more than one Cure Poison potion in your inventory, drop the excess, tap the sphere and then pick up what you dropped.

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