Hero of Lukomorye V FAQ

Classic Version Only: Temple of Reason - Talk to the riddler and tap each column once to get the message about the number--after you tap a column to get the number, hit it twice. Once you've hit each column twice, the gate will open. If you have a problem, you have to reset the columns to 0. Try hitting each of them once to do that or reenter the room from an old save file.Success comes if you first speak to the riddler--don't touch the columns before you do that--tap on the column and get the message and then hit each one twice no matter what the message says and then after you tap once and hit twice each column, tap on the gate and hope for the best.

Shards of Fate spellbook in Tower of Impatience - tap a green pot.

You get to Smuggler's Island from a hole in Odettia. You need more than 400 Undead karma for Leonid to talk to you.

Crypt of the Fallen is accessible from St. Alonso's.

Magnet for Cat's Rock - Find Echo. She's in the blue flame column in Mount Buyan. She will give it to you as a quest reward if you save her sister Au'u from Slazier in the Ruins of Ancients. Go to the Ruins of Ancients and enter the Cult Hall. Hit all four of the green orbs to free the spirits.

To get into the Orc King's Room in Home of the Prisoner, you have to solve some switches. He's in the far lowest southeast.

Classic version: You need stealth greater than 130 then break into his back window to solve the Sponsor a Needy Family quest. HD greater than 90.

General Sinemor in East Point gives you the Army's Vote.


  • Pity not for android... Any release date?
  • Waiting for Elendil to have time to upload Basilisk's Eye. Working on HOLV now but it has to be tested, so late Decemberish.

  • Is there any way to reset the Room of Reason without an earlier save file? Re-entering, tapping all the pillars and talking to the Riddler didn't see to work :(. I got confused with the instructions from the Riddler and tapped each pillar the number of times it said on the pillar

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    To reset the columns, try tapping each one three times. Then you should be able to tap them the right number of times. X stands for a column.

    To open the gate--

    X ----------- X ---------X
    hit it---------hit it twice---hit twice

    X ---------- X ----------X
    hit ---------hit twice----- hit twice

    X ----------X ----------X
    hit ---------hit twice ----hit twice

    Then tap the door to open it.

    This is not how it works now in the HD version now--I made it easier.

  • Is this out yet? I didn't see it on the app store yet.

  • Still testing. Will take a few weeks. Hang in there. : )

  • when is it coming to google play ? :disappointed:

  • When it gets uploaded which should be soon. : )

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