Hero of Lukomorye IV FAQ

Den of Darkend - Sphere puzzle removes a wall.

to cure Prince Ivan - ou need the potion Cure Durakis Curse.

Switches in Kozney's Castle - Third Floor - Switch them all up if you started playing with them. There are four, from west to east. As you face the switches, counting from your left which is west, flip the second one on. Flip the first one on counting from your left. Flip the third one on counting from your left. There's only one left to switch on.

to get out to the holes in the lake to find hammers: There's a secret switch there on a block--an icy block that will let you get onto the little islands in the lake.

To heal Squid Pete, you don't need healing magic, just pliers and a Book of Veterinary Medicine.

Scroll for Solomon's Cryptogram: The scroll is upstairs in Home of the Ferryman. You just have to keep taking the random stairs until you find it.

This is what the scroll says:

Some Elvish Equivalents of Monarish letters:

A †
G œ
I ƒ
P °
T ð
U š

Fix anything book for Iron: It's on a door in the middle of Holodovia. He did give you a hint! You have to break in, which means hit it with your weapon!

To get into the Monastery: To get into the Monastery you need a particular maul. Check the wall near the lake for a button that will let you out on the pier.

This is an old post by Moth: You need two hammers, both on islands in the lake accessed as above. When you find them and try them on the rocks, if one doesn\'t work, try the other!

Where is Hermione - Hermione is on the 3rd floor of the Castle, in the far south-east, but you can't get back in after you've warped out.

Cure Doldrums potion is on the ground in Stuzha Glacier Cave---it should respawn every seven days or so. You get there from Zyaba Shelter and you get there from Holodovia.

Free the Kobolds and Treat Five Dead Plants: For the Kobolds hit a wall in the far southeast of the Mana Factory and you'll find a key on a shelf.

For treating the dead plants you need to have an Arborist's Diploma from Arnold. He's in the Blue Taiga. That's in the mid northeast of the surface map. And you need Tree Revitalizer which Lady Ledyshka gives you when she gives you the quest. You get Arnold's diploma by doing his quest.

Trials not torture - To get to each new section, you have to kill the monsters in the previous section and a wall opens--you don't go in through a gate--except the first gate where you need a key


  • Hi Cat. Can’t locate the doldrums potions. It’s not in the Glacier Cave (as noted above). I have also tried sleeping for 7 days. The monsters respawned but not the potion. Any suggestions?

  • You can buy it, for example, from Evgenia the Alchemist. But it's definitely there on the floor of the cave.

  • Thanks again Cat! Had to buy it. I must have a glitch.

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