Appease Donn, good of the dead

After I got the quest from pirate I didn't came back to him with the puzzle ball just directly went to Donn and now it is not completing the quest, could be a bug or something is missing?


  • There was an update to fix this. Quite awhile ago.

  • Ok thanks
  • Apparently the bug is back. I’ve finished all quests but this one. For the same reason listed above. Donn says he need to ask the ball personal questions and the pirate says I need to get the ball and bring back to him so he can tell me where donn is.

  • The Pirate won't recognize you spoke to Donn and solve the quest unless you come back to him with Donn's Ring of Death.

    Before he says that last bit about asking it some personal questions, he gives you the Ring of Death.

    I don't see anything wrong with this.

    Are you playing the Classic or HD version?

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