Hi, I can t find mira to close build a bridge quest and get back lost memories. Thank you


  • Mita is across the path to the east of George's Hut in River of the Addancs. Cross the path, walk a step north until you get a message you see something in a bush, then try tapping the red bush there. If you have the quest Talk to the Addanc Mita from Halbor, tapping that bush should help you.

  • I have the quest takk to advance mira and I closed it. I walk all around the red Bush near the bridge I ve fixed for George but nothing happens

  • Mita shows up twice. Once if you tap the red bush. I know you walked around it, but did you tap the red bush? If you had the quest to build the bridge and you built the bridge if you tap the red bush, you should talk to her.

    Then she becomes visible after she rewards you for building the bridge and then you can talk to her about memories.

    Did you tap the red bush, not just walk around it?

  • Yes, I taped the brush. Still nothing

  • Try sleeping in an inn for 21 sleeps in another part of the world and then go back and see if things improve. That resets the game. Sometimes save file glitches happen and that can help.

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