Forgotten underground. 4 Fires = 1 entrance

Can’t get through the lower level hallway where there are 4 red spheres. Sign on the wall says 4 Fires = 1 entrance.... help!


  • Sorry this is for HLIV.
  • You have to equip the Fiery Wand and hit the spheres. It's in a red pool in the northeast.

  • Moved thread to HOLIV. Answered there. : )

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    I have the fiery orb.. thought that was it, also where is thw key to the second door? I git the First in the lava pool, then git bloqued by the second...i wish the unlock spell would work more often, also lockpick...
    Also i walked through all the pools on thw lava level and the city and didnt find any fiery wand
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    Welcome to the forum! ; 0 The Fire Key and the Fiery Wand is in a red pool in the upper northeast.

  • I have the fire key bit can't open the gate. Also I may have sold the fiery wand. Can it be purchased from any shops, and if so, which one?
  • There's more than one gate. You need the Lava Key for one, the Fire Key for the other.

    The Fiery Wand can't be sold. Did you possible stash it somewhere?

  • Is this a wand or a weapon? I have checked my inventory and can't find it. I have rechecked the vase in the Northwest area of the map from the photo post on this posted topic and there is nothing there. I never found a lava key only the fire key.
  • The Fiery Wand is a staff. Are you sure you got it? If you got it, you cannot sell it. Which gate are you stuck at, the first or the second?

  • The Lava Key is on the ground of the Lava Pool. I think that's the key you need.

  • I’m stuck here as well. I’ve removed the block and gotten the fire key, and I’ve also removed the block to reveal the button that makes something happen, but that’s a as far as I can get here. I’ve got a a fiery orb that I picked up somewhere before entering the forgotten underground, but I don’t know if that’s the one I should be using here.

    I can’t find the lava key and maybe can’t find the fiery wand. I can’t open the first gate or remove any of the spheres. I feel like I’ve stepped on every space, and tapped and attacked every wall. Can you point out the lava pool that has the lava key? Are you referring to some place in the river of lava that is colored orange in the map posted above, or something else?


  • The first gate, if it's the gate I think it is, requires the Lava Key.The Lava Key is lying on the ground in the Lava Pool which is a separate dungeon. You get there from the teleporter in the northwest near where you found the Fire Key.

    You need the Fiery Wand to remove the spheres. It's in a red pool in the upper northeast. You need to open the gates that require the Lava Key and Fire Key to get there.

  • The whole time the answer was there at the top of the map waiting for me to look at it. I appreciate the help.

  • I'm glad you got through.

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