Chef Stroganoff's Cookbook & Bring Pirogi

I have completed the main story line (killed Kozney, got scrolling end credits). I have these two quests remaining and am stumped.

Chef Stroganoff's Cookbook: The quest log says to check in Seversk Center. Olivier says to check in Seversk Center and Seversk. I knocked on every door in both areas and didn't find anyone who knew anything about the cookbook. What do I need to do?

Bring Pirogi: I'm not sure which area is the "Underworld", and so can't find Ozrena. I brought the golden bough to Solomon and can take the boat to River Subterra. From there, I can crawl through the holes to the Village of Peklo and the Village of Ray. None of those are the "Underworld". What do I need to do?


  • Ozrena is in the middle of the Village of Ray.

    The cookbook is on a door in the Midwest of Seversk Center. You have to break in to steal it, so hit, don't tap that door.

  • Thank you for your continued help to me and all The Quest lovers. HOL IV now completed and looking forward to Basilisk's Eye.

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