Cannot find Mymbyr

First of all: Cat thank you for making these great expansions.

My question relates to Prince Mymbyr. He was last seen in Silver Hills. But I cannot seem to find him. I seem to recollect finding him earlier (maybe in the Silver Mines), but I teleported out of there as I did not have the required mirror to transform him. But maybe my recollection is off?


  • Found him!:) Not sure how I missed that entrance.

  • It's guarded by a werewitch, how to enter
  • Ok got it
  • How do you get past the werewitch?

  • For her to move, you need the quest, "For Ozina, Enclave of Wizards, rescue Mymbyr and bring him to the Enclave. He's been seen in the company of wolves in Silver Hills. You'll need Wolfbane and the Darkenmoon Mirror."

  • I have wolfbane and darkenmoon mirror….guess I just need to keep wandering the hills….. Thnx for the advice

  • Can’t get to ozina. I still have the pillar in the way in enclave of wizards…is there a walkthrough of kill Kamber etc I can check against? I’ve read all the various threads regarding moving the pillar and none seem to apply. I also have visibility spell that needs finding, which seems important, however the same problem arises around access to enclave….thnx in advance!

  • Hold fire!…I may just have found my way round ( again) with this next toon!…thnx tho….

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