Need key of death, Please.

Got / used all other keys. Got Saruthon's amulet. clicked / bumped everything on level Sign says key of death is here, can't access/find. Also, am i correct to figure getting it will allow access to remainder of area beyond Sayr and its 16 associated regions.


  • Are you talking about Hero of Lukomorye I? I don't see any Key of Death in that expansion or Saruthon's Amulet.

  • Thanks greatly for replying. Yes, Hero of Lukomorye I. I figured that out. New question: Are there 2 versions? Mine (bought from steam), only has one village, named Sayr, it appears. Also, it ends pretty quick after the forgotten ones quest, in the crypt. There are only 16 regions too. I looked for the Hero of Lukomorye I download on catacomber to see if there was a larger version, and don't see a downloadable file. Was thinking i could over write. Great game, played quest, celtic, and thors hammer too. Thanks in advance.

  • Sorry, just realized in in "Terrror's reternal"

  • That's ok. Terror's Returnal isn't one of our expansions so I can't really be of any help. There is not a larger version as far as I know.

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