Typos, etc...

Oooops... Just gave Smurf (Shipbuilders’ Union Hall) his Topaz and he gave me an “Old Arstolabe” - not as useful as an “Astrolabe” I think... A typo to fix in a future release, maybe.


  • Will be done. Thanks.

  • Another one for you. The description for the “Frozen Ore” quest isn’t quite right. It says to bring the ore to Pedsipec in the Shipbuilder’s Union Hall. Pedsipec resides at the Royal Headquarters (not the Hall). The guy you bring the ore to is Four Skulls the Smith (not Pedsipec) who forges the Polar Blade. Then, return to Pedsipec & Fershid to complete the “Frozen Giant” & “Frozen Ore” quests.

  • Thanks. I'll fix it in an update.

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